What are the characteristics of a computer?


Computer has many characteristics namely speed, memory power, accuracy, diligency, versatility.


What is the speed of a Computer?

Every computer has its own speed depends upon the type of the computer we use. The speed of the computer is measured in nano seconds.

What is Memory power?

Memory is measured in megabyte, giga byte. 8 bits = 1 byte,

1024 bytes = 1 MB, 1024 MB= 1 GB

What is an accuracy of a computer?

Computer gives accurate values provided if we give correct data. computer never makes mistakes. operator or user only make mistakes. if you give wrong data computer gives wrong information or error data

What is a diligency of a computer.

Computer works continuously without taking any rest. Computer never takes rest. it requires power and A.C

What is versatility of a computer.

Versatility of a computer is nothing but using a computer in many fields like banks,colleges,science and technology,space even kitchen also we can use computer. Now a days computer is using every where it means computer has versatile feature.